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The theory test is made up of two parts: Multiple choice and hazard perception. You will need to pass both parts in order to pass the theory test. Once you have passed it, you are able to book your pracitcal test. The pass mark required is 43 out of 50.

You have 57 minutes to complete both sections.

Multiple Choice Section:
Before you begin your test you will be given instructions on how it works and the option of taking a practice test. The practice test will help you see how it will work and allow you to get use to the layout and interaction required.

Hazard Perception:
Before you begin the hazard perception you will be given an example of how it works

To book your theory test, you will need to visit the DSA website directly. Click here.

For help with your theory test, ask your driving instructor about a FREE membership to where you will have access to all the materials required to pass both your Multiple Choice Theory and Hazard Perception

The standard fee for cars and motorcycles is £23


Before you can take your practical driving test, you will need to have passed your Theory Test.

The driving part of your test will last approximately 40 minutes, where you will be tested on your general driving abilities, emergency stop and maneuvers. An exercise will be chosen from:
– Reversing around a corner
– Turning in the road
– Reverse parking

The practical test will also include 10 minutes of independent driving by following either:
– Traffic signs
– A series of directions
– A combination of both

The cost for your practical test is:
Weekday: £62
Evenings & Weekends: £75

Pathway Driving Car Hire Only (Doesn’t include test fee): £90

If the instructor does not think you are up to test standard they reserve the right to withhold the car.

Test bookings are accepted only on condition that any breakdown or mishap during pre-test hour or actual test leaves Pathway Driving without any liability for compensation whatsoever

You will need to visit the official DSA website to book your Practical Driving Test. Click here.

Check our information on Pass Plus once you have passed your Practical Driving Test